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Q: I'm getting the error "Your sign-in settings don't meet your organization's 2-Step Verification policy. Contact your admin for more info." What does it mean and how do I resolve it?
Last Updated 5 months ago

A: This happens because you did not enable 2-step verification within the allotted time. Please note that this is a REQUIRED step to fully access your UP Mail account. 2-step verification is also an official University policy. Hence, this cannot be disabled for all accounts in the UP Mail domain. You are initially given an entire week after initial activation of your UP Mail account to enable 2-step verification. Failure to do so will result in the said error. Kindly contact your local IT Office and ask for your backup codes. After getting your backup codes, please refer to the page here for instructions on how to use your backup codes.

Please refer to their respective contact details below:
UP Baguio: [email protected]
UP Cebu: [email protected]
UP Diliman: [email protected]
UP Los BaƱos: [email protected]
UP Manila: [email protected]
UP Mindanao: [email protected] or [email protected]
UP Open University: [email protected]
UP Visayas: [email protected]

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