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Q: I'm getting the error "You currently have not been assigned an Office license that includes the Office desktop apps. Contact your admin for more information about how to get Office for your organization."
Last Updated 2 years ago

A: You are getting this error because you are using the wrong account. Please take note of the difference:

UP Mail account -> [email protected]
MS Office account -> [email protected]

You are probably using your UP Mail account to sign in the MS Office 365 portal. Please note that the two are separate and different accounts. The correct account to use is your MS Office 365 account.

Here's how:
1.) Go to --->
2.) Enter your MS Office 365 email ---> [email protected]
3.) Enter the password of your account.

You should now be able to login to your correct MS Office 365 account.

TIP: If you are using the correct account, your dashboard should look something like this:


If you do not see this dashboard upon login, you are not using the correct account.
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